Discover the Best Water Softener System for Your Home

Water filtration systems do more than just improve taste, they also protect your family by:

  • Removing Microplastics and Pollutants
  • Removing Chlorine and Chemical Disinfectants
  • Reducing Skin Irritation
  • Extending the Life of Your Appliances

Ashlynn Bultemeier
Ashlynn Bultemeier
Phil and Will are amazing!!! Since the new water system we have noticed a phenomenal change in our sons skin. He suffers from pretty bad eczema- since arriving to TN it seemed to get worse (due to the quality of water we had before- it was extremely hard and drying) but now itโ€™s doing amazing again! I was able to notice changes within a few weeks! This was definitely a purchase we are all pleased with! Worth every penny. 20/10 recommend
Rob Sutherland
Rob Sutherland
Phil and Will were extremely nice and professional from their water presentation to services provided and the questions we asked . Had some difficulty in getting the right shade of faucet to work with our existing hardware, but they kept trying until they got it right, with no complaints. The water system has worked perfectly since it's installation and the soap products from pure and gentle arrived about 30 days later and we look forward to using them throughout the year to see their effectiveness.
Rowe Heflin
Rowe Heflin
Phil is very knowledgeable about water quality and the Westinghouse filtration system and softener. He worked late to accommodate my schedule and took a lot of time to explain things. I was shocked how hard my well water was Wes? the installer came that same week and had the unit installed in no time. Great customer service from both. I can tell a big difference in my water. Highly recommended!
jacque bruce
jacque bruce
Randy was so knowledgeable about the product and the services offered I knew I couldnโ€™t go wrong in purchasing it. Some of the tests he showed me to prove the hardness of my water was astounding, Randy M is a true asset to the company and I thank him for all his help with me in making a sound decision for improving my health; choosing this water system.๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ

Find Out What's Contaminating Your Water

Our Water Softener System is the best at Eliminating Hard Water and Protecting Your Home

Eliminate Sediment & Particles

Stop the muck and dirt from clogging up your home's plumbing with whole-home water filtration. Get crystal clear water from every tap in your house and never worry about sediment and particles again.

Remove Contaminants

Protect your family from exposure to harmful chemicals like lead, arsenic and chlorine with a whole-home water filtration system. Get healthier, tastier water without the worry of contamination.

Reduce Exposure

Make sure your family is safe from dangerous bacteria and viruses in your home's tap water with whole-home water filtration. Enjoy clean, filtered water without the worry of exposure to dangerous microbes.

Benefits of Whole Home Water Softeners & Filtration

Reduce Health Risks

Protect yourself and your family from the health risks associated with excess chlorine in your home's water supply. Whole-home water filtration can remove chlorine and other impurities to keep your family safe.

Eliminate Toxic Materials

Avoid the risks of lead and other toxic materials in your home's water with a whole-home water filtration system. Enjoy cleaner, safer water with the assurance that contaminants like lead are removed from your water.

Soften Your Hard Water

Get softer, more manageable water for your home with whole-home water filtration. Enjoy softer water for your laundry and bathing needs and eliminate the need for expensive and time consuming water softener

Why A Whole Home Water Softener makes sense

  • Improved Water Quality:

    Whole home water filtration systems remove a wide range of contaminants from your water supply, including chlorine, heavy metals, and other hazardous chemicals. This significantly improves the taste, smell, and overall quality of your water.

  • Cleaner Air:

    Whole home water filtration systems reduce the amount of chlorine and other volatile organic compounds (VOCs) released into your homeโ€™s air. These compounds can cause eye, nose, and throat irritation, headaches, and other respiratory issues.

  • Cost Savings:

    Whole home water filtration systems are cost-effective compared to other water treatment methods, such as purchasing bottled water. The system also uses less energy than other methods, which saves money on your energy bills.

  • Reduced Maintenance:

    Whole home water filtration systems require minimal maintenance. The filters are easily changed and the system can be monitored from a single location.


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